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Happy New Year everyone!!

HOLY SH*T! What a gig in Vicar st. Was it the best gig in vicar st we have ever done? I don’t know but it was definitely the gig of the year for me even better than the 2 Olympia shows in July. What do you think? Showing the film “Please Don’t Stop” before we went on stage worked BRILLIANTLY .Walking onto the stage with the whole of vicar st singing HALLELUJAH was something we will never forget .Thank you all for making an amazing atmosphere that night .It was sad to hear that some of you were paying up to €100 from the touts outside for a ticket PLEASE PLEASE if you are going to a gig get your tickets beforehand and don’t be giving these rip off merchants money. Can we also thank MICK McHUGH who came all the way from OZ to support us .He played support to us when we toured OZ last December. CHEERS MICK.

We also want to wish you all the best for 2013 .Our 1st job is to get back into Joe’s studio and start listening to the recordings we made at the 2 Olympia gigs as we have plans to release a live album. We will know more when we listen to them. We have also been confirmed to play ST PATRICK’S night 17th march 2013 at the Olympia!! Happy Days!  This falls on a Sunday so everyone is off work on Monday so you have no excuse!  Remember, information pills get your tickets early as this is going to sell out.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!

Also the word on the street is that we are playing 2 gigs in SWEDEN in March after the Olympia when the Irish team are playing Sweden in the world cup qualifiers. HAPPY DAYS!!  We will post the details on our web site later.  We were in the INEC in Kilarney with the Sawdoctors, Something Happens and the Strypes.  It was a fantastic gig!  After the gig we went to NUTS with our crew SMOKIE, STEVE and FOZZIE and had our CHRISTMAS PARTY as we were too busy before Christmas to have one!  THANK YOU all for an amazing 30 year celebration year in 2012 and heres to 2013!

KEEP IT REAL!  Cheers, Billy, Rod, Christy, Joe & Alan

4 thoughts on “Billy’s Blog – Wednesday, 2nd Jan ’13

  1. You Said it Billy , Fantastic gig vicar street was absolutly thumping.
    Said it before “Angie ” was the tune for me ,unreal.
    I next time you guys should pay in cause we do most of the singing!!!!
    Happy new year Boyz and hope to get to ya in Arklow please god!!!

  2. Well done lads, I’ve really enjoyed knowing yous over the 30 years from when I first seen yas outside Stephens Green and especially the gigs in the Blacker Coolock. And even got to to see yous in Carnew, Wicklow not far from where I’m living now, that was so good. I love yas & am so proud. & U never needed to sell out(u know what that means) U are naturally talented from the man above and always gave a powerful & true messages. You are blessed and have blessed me and thousands of others. Yous are a real inspiration, love you loads xxx Have a super new year

  3. Following yous from the early days….met Christy in Coolock village one day while walking to my old girlfriend`s hse in Riverside (coolock) and he chatted to me as far as northside shopping cntr b4 he signed a piece of paper for me….only looked as what he wrote later that said “to Gerry from Christy d……….I sound posh compared to you ha…..” funny thing is I was living d4 at the time and thought had d4 accent..i dont and never did….best wishes

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