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Hi Gang!

Well it all kicked off at Eurosong last week. Firstly, information pills I want to say sorry to Laura O’Neill for being drawn into an argument BEFORE she performed. I should have controlled the situation and given her the moment to shine. She was fantastic and a lesser singer would have let the situation get to her. She delivered and gave the vocal performance of the night.

When I arrived into RTÉ on Thursday for rehearsals and heard that Louis Walsh was on the panel, mind I could not believe it. Louis was connected to two of the five acts that were to perform. He managed Kasey when she was in a band called Wonderland and he also had connections to Eoin Quigg through X-Factor. In fact, pilule Eoin was being mentored by the X-Factor tour manager Mark Murphy.

Louis should NOT have been there plain and simple. Now, after putting in five months of work, finding a singer, finding a son, recording the song, working on the performance, shooting a video etc, I at least expected a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. But with Louis on the panel it was anything but.

At the press conference on Thursday, I made my feelings known and as I was leaving the press room, Mark wanted a word with me and asked me to retract my statement. I told him I would not and it got a bit heated in the corridor. We both went on Ryan Tubridy’s radio show Friday morning and aired our grievances. On Friday night on the Late Late Show, Ryan asked Mark what was going on so I knew I would be asked the same. What happened next was hard to believe. When I said that Louis should not be there because of his connections to the acts, Linda Martin, who I have never met or spoken to, called me an “Odious Little Man”. Now Linda was there to comment on the songs and the singers. Why was she attacking me? But everyone knows she works for Louis now and again and when I said this, she got up and headed towards me. I’m sure you have all seen the clip so you know what happened next.

I think Louis’s comments about me being “on something” was a low blow and I’m sure if I said the same to him on national television, I would be hearing from his lawyers.

Also, the comment made about Louis not getting paid by Aslan was nasty. It would be nice if Louis was man enough to apologise for his comment but I won’t hold my breath.

As for the stories of me swaning around in the green room with cans of lager in my hands acting the bully; I did not touch a drop of alcohol until the voting had started and by then I felt I deserved a drink.

I think the text voting has to go as all five mentors, myself included, were trying to get celebs to tweet about their act and when I heard Niall from One Direction, who has 15 million followers, and Ollie Murs, who has 5 million followers tweeted “Vote Eoin Quigg”. The mentor with the biggest celeb contacts has an unfair vantage I feel.

Anyway, nobody died and it made for great television. I want to wish Hazel and Kasey all the best in Copenhagen in May. Come on Ireland!

I also want to thank Joe Jewell and Ray Traynor for producing and recording the song. Don Mescall and Lucie Silvas for the song “You Don’t Remember Me”. Christy for helping Laura with her vocals. Alan and Rod for playing drums and bass. Gar from Red Empire for playing piano. Ed, Darragh and the girls on violins. Paul Andrews and Daragh Murphy for making the video and Jake for playing guitar.

Please keep a close eye on our website and Facebook as there is some FANTASTIC news coming soon about Aslan!

Thanks for your continued support
Cheers, Billy 😉

P.S. Who did Louis and Linda give their best comments to on the night?? Hmmmmmmmmm.

9 thoughts on “Billy’s Blog – Wednesday, 12th March ’14

  1. Billy….. I felt that Ryan set that up to happen by asking Louis first thing what the story was. He should never have brought that controversy onto the show that the acts were performing on in the first place. I was the girl who said I sat behind you. Linda is lucky your a gentleman cause she truly deserved a whole lot more than you gave… and she is lucky Im a lady cause I was absolutely raging with her.

    Anyway – all that said – Laura was fantastic, and everyone in the audience was saying she got the best reaction in the room on the night!

    Looking forward to whatever great news Aslan have…. bring it on.

    Hope all is well.


  2. You were right on with your comments, it’s time for Linda, Louis and all the other clowns that have hijacked this song contest to take a back seat.

  3. Yes Billy it was the wrong time and place but understandable too. Linda and Louis really made fools of themselves, their response was ridiculous to say the least. You certainly made your point and it is a very valid one, shouldn’t be allowed happen. Absolutely in agreement with you. All the best!

  4. It was Linda Martin who said “did you get paid Louis?” I thought that was a very nasty comment from her. Louis’ answer was “eventually”. No need

  5. hiya billy
    thanks for your explanation, has to be said, it was great to watch, you are a legend ,linda martin made a show of her self on national t v ,claiming our billie !!! what was she thinking,she is past her sell by date lol.. but you said it as you saw it and fair play to you ,people have a right to know what way the voteing is going. laura o neill song very well with a great song and she got the regonition for it, so well done you,and don’t be giving ur senses to louie walsh.and well done to Christy alan rod and joe xx happy St Patrick weekend

  6. You are a hero Billy. Thank God someone had the guts to stand up to a corrupt and manipulating panel. Everything you said was was absolutely on the ball. I’m sick to have been part of such an unfair “contest”. Laura was amazing and totally deserved to win. I don’t want to slag anyone off but as it stands I can’t see Ireland even making the Eurovision finals. Once again back door politics has won out over genuine talent.

  7. Well said Billy. I watched it too and couldn’t close my mouth in shock of what I was hearing. Linda Martin was way out of line and as phyllis said, made a show of herself. She looked ridiculous! As for Louis Walsh. He also didn’t leave a positive impression. He is an odd man who has quite an ego. I think Laura was great and she should release the song on an international level, I think it will be a huge success. You guys keep doing what you’re doing best. Looking forward to reading the fantastic news soon.

  8. Hi Billy, Fair play to you. You made a fair point. This eurovision format is non sense. I’m trying decide which was the most embarrassing TV appearance by Linda Martin was it The Late Late last week or murdering ‘Get Lucky’ last summer. cringe…. #embarrassingauntyatwedding

  9. Hi Billy and Alan
    Hi lads cast your mind back over 30 years ago…the ivy rooms Parnell street Dublin…I was playing drums with my band Parallax…billy you were lead singer in Blue Movies..Alan Kenny on guitar…I lived around the corner from Alan in willow park crescent…long story short my son rob kennedy and his band “children of the son” are on the rise…mark is also looking after them…if you cross paths with him say hello.

    Great to see the Olympia gig coming up and great to U2 and Aslan celebrating their north side roots together.

    John kennedy

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