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Well the good news today is we have been asked to take part in a new music series called THE HIT!

The vibe is that legendary producer STEVE LILLYWHITE picks some songs and Christy goes in and listens to them and if he hears one that he thinks Aslan can make a hit with, prescription he picks it .Then we have 2 weeks to record the song and then we perform it live on TV in front of a live audience but we will be up against another band/artist and the song that gets the most downloads is deemed THE HIT.  We are really looking forward to this as it sounds like a lot of fun.  We start filming it in May. Bring it on!

We had a great laugh in Joe’s studio this week .There is an album that is being giving away free in the Irish independent in March but all the acts on it have to perform in Irish.  We are doing “Wait for our Friends” and Christy sings it in Irish.  It’s the first time we have ever done anything like this.  We hope you like it!  I will let you know the exact date it comes out in the paper.  In total, cheapest 65, this site 000 copies are being given away free.  A BIG thanks to Eamon Mulvihill or “Goldfish Boy” as we call him for all his help in translating the song and helping Christy with the pronunciation.

We were in Letterkenny on Friday night and our good friend from Highland Radio, Paul McDevitt was at the gig in Clanree Hotel.

Only 4 weeks to the Olympia gig!! I hope you all have your tickets because it’s going to be a BELTER of a gig!

The charity single we are doing for PIETA HOUSE is being released by E.M.I.   As soon as I get a release date I will post it on Facebook and here on the website.

Did I ever tell you about the time the band got me big time?

We were going to an award ceremony in the Burlington Hotel and the lads told me it was BLACK TIE so I went and hired a monkey suit with a big red dicky bow.  I thought I looked the biz!  Anyway, I got out of the taxi and ran into the hotel and the lads fell onto the floor pissing themselves in there jeans and leather jackets! ….. I was the only one in the hotel wearing a monkey suit… B*STARDS! Ha ha! 🙂

Keep it real, Billy

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