Billy’s Blog – Thursday, 12th June ’14

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Well it has been a rollercoaster two weeks! I can’t begin to tell you how we all felt walking onto the Olympia stage last Friday and Saturday night. It was great for Christy after the year he has had to finally get back with all the Aslan gang!

It was great to see Smokie on sound, symptoms Daz doing backline, viagra Sheena who does our website all back together again! And not forgetting all of you who sang and cheered as ONLY an Aslan crowd can!

Thank you all so much and don’t forget, if you missed the gig because they sold out so fast, we’re in the INEC in Kilarney on Saturday, 26th July.

Our new single “I Need a Little Time” is getting great reviews and airplay. Don’t forget the official chart comes out this Friday so PLEASE download it from iTunes if you have not done so already and keep requesting it on your local radio station.

Big thanks to the band Lunar who supported us on both nights and a BIG BIG thanks to our special guest RYAN SHERIDAN who came on and performed like a man possessed. He was FANTASTIC!

On a sad note, Alan’s mother passed away suddenly over last weekend. I have fond memories of when we used to rehearse in her garage when we were starting out as a band. My thoughts are with Alan and the Downey family at this sad time.

Can I just say thanks to Svenn and his team who did a great job on the merchandise at the Olympia. EVERY tshirt was sold! Thank you all and keep the comments coming on our facebook page. We love reading them!

See you all in Kilarney in July!
Cheers, Billy 😉

7 thoughts on “Billy’s Blog – Thursday, 12th June ’14

  1. Great to see you guys all back together, Saturday was Amazing! Condolences to Alan and his family, possibly the nicest drummer alive. Loving the new single and can’t wait to hear more, Big hello from the Oldcastle corner 😉

  2. Billy,i have never seen anyone enjoy being in a band as much as you do.
    The energy feeds to us and generates great atmosphere so for that we thank you.
    Travelled over from Glasgow for the show and left elated…what a show.
    Please when all is settled do a wee Glasgow show
    Had a great weekend….after gig went to Madigans on O’Connell Street and done a wee
    version of Crazy World with Ronan on guitar.
    All the best

  3. oh yes you will, cannot wait for 27th – Im traveling from Manchester uk after discovering you guys in the last 2 month – awesome band – Christie is the don performer of music for me, cannot wait lads; im like a child waiting for xmas <3 and yes my heart bleeds for Alan's family it not nice losing Ma in anybodys book, in fact devestating – respect to you all x

  4. Great to see you all back on tour again our kid . Look forward to catching you in Galway soon . It’s great to see Christy in good health . My sympathy to Alan on he’s loss . Keep rocking . Our kid

  5. well done on the single sounds great nice to see you s back donning what you s do best making great music hope to see you in inec kilarney rusty

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