Billy’s Blog – Thurs, 13th June ’13

A-Night-For-Christy-A3Hi Gang!

Well I suppose you heard Christy got up on stage last week at the City West Hotel and sang three songs at the Bernard Dunne charity event ball. This is the best news ever and we are all delighted with the progress he is making. Happy days! Because of the demand from people who want to see the gig, there we will be streaming it around the world in venues that we have played in from Dubai to Australia dn the US and all around Europe. The full list of venues showing the gig will be posted on our website and our Facebook. Why don’t you ask your local pub/bar to stream it!

We start rehearsals next week for the gig and I can’t wait as all the acts will be coming out to us and running through the songs they have picked. Today, stuff three more acts were added; The Riptide Movement, physician Gavin James & Jedward. We really would have liked to add more nights but the artists performing on the night would not be available. So this is a once off never to be repeated night.
Christy was over in the UK last week for some treatment and is doing really well again. Thank you all for your support and good vibes that you are sending him.

A week after the gig, Christy’s daughter Kiera is getting married. We are all going and I’m sure it will be a great night. She is doing really well and after the wedding, she is in the studio with Ryan Sheridan. Can’t wait to hear what they do!

I would like to send BIG THANKS to all involved in the gig for Christy; Brian Whitehead, Paddy McPolland, Guggi, Svenn, Paul Andrews, Daz, Deco, Mark Downing & Sabrina in Mission PR. Well done to all of you for making this happen. Also, a BIG BIG THANKS to all the artists who are appearing on the night. We have asked on our facebook for you to send in your favourite Aslan story. The best ones will be read out on the night in the Olympia Theatre.

Please be kind to all the acts on the night and show them what the atmosphere is like at an Aslan gig! Please sing your hearts out and enjoy ever second of it. We definitely will!!

Cheers, Billy 😉

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  1. Billy is there any chance that the photos/artwork that were on the Facebook page will be raffled at the gig? That way so many ppl could have a chance of owning iconic Aslan items :). Ps best of luck to all on the night – will b singing out hearts out on the balcony!!!

  2. Best wishes to Christy.
    Saw you all playing in Trafallgar Square on St Patricks Day a few years ago.
    You really rocked the party.
    See you all on Fri 21st.
    Have a brilliant show.

  3. We just could not believe it when Christy appeared on stage unexpectedly at the Bernard Dunne Charity Ball last Saturday night. He sang three songs perfectly in his own unique expressive style and brought the house down. A standing ovation and applause that went on and on. It was very emotional and more than one hard case present had a tear in his eye I can tell you. The night in the Olympia will be truly amazing. Best wishes to all of you for this really special night.

  4. Lads, you were badly missed at the FM104 Dublin Help A Child Gig so I am really looking forward to seeing you next week. What a line up and what a night it promises to be. Has to be the best line up in Dublin in a long long time.

  5. Looking forward to the night-I’m sure it will be a night to remember!!! We will also be singing from the balcony…..great news to hear Christy is doing so well. Thinking of you all -Luv always Helen & family (Kerry) xxxxx

  6. Fantastic news about Christy, long may it continue ! Can’t wait for next Friday it’s gonna be amazing seeing you and the lads (and perhaps the man himself) again. Much love, John and Martina x

  7. Awesome news that the gig is going to be streamed, but were in Brisbane? would love to see 🙂 Met Tony a couple of months ago at his place on The Gold Coast – Only just discovered the band and cant get enough of the sound – COME BACK TO AUSTRALIA!!!!!

  8. I watched the live streaming in Ollie’s in Skerries as I didn’t manage to get a ticket for the Olympia.It was a great show.I hope its not long before Christy back on stage,as you could clearly see he is truly missed.We are thinking of him,and all his family and band family!
    Dan and Mary X

  9. My life came to visit once again
    To tell me it was over to tell me it must end
    Over taken by surprise I realise
    For every end a new begining
    So like the Phonex from the ashes I will rise
    Not forgeting my demise
    A new begining God willing
    Palmer Waffler Palmer
    Next gig lads git up frunt and a new begining

  10. WOW WOW WOW what a night that was. Thought I’d find it really odd – to see others taking Christy’s place, but it was amazing. Paul Walsh was a fantastic choice to kick start the night, his energy level really got the crowd rocking and he did a great job. People who stole the show for me are definitely led by Mark Feehily. Who knew he could sing like that!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was so wasted in Westlife and I hope he goes on to have a fantastic solo career. Bressie, Danny O’Reilly, Ryan Sheridan, Kiera and Don Mescal, and not forgetting the Original Rude Boys were all truly brilliant too. I was dreading the end of the night, cause I think we all knew Christy was coming on to sing – and I was worried about him being too sick. Have to admit I sobbed the whole way through the finale, but it was incredible to see him sing with you guys again after all these months. I feel honoured to have been there to witness the night – you all were fantastic lads. I truly hope that will not be the last time I see Aslan on stage! Will never forget it xx

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