Billy’s Blog – Monday, 2nd December ’13

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Hi Gang!

The demand for our new live album “30” is amazing! We are going out to Christy’s house again tomorrow to sign more copies. This is our third day of signings so thank you all so much for pre-ordering it! For those of you who did not order it, find there’s still time to do so before we put it up on iTunes.

You can buy the album hard copy HERE.

Christy is in great form and we are really having a laugh as we are signing. We hope you all like the LAYA Healthcare add that’s using “Crazy World”. It’s the firs time an Aslan song has been used in an advertisement and hopefully it won’t be the last!

I have picked the song and the act for EUROSONG! I cannot let you know any details yet as I have to get clearance from RTE first. We were in the studio last week recording the song with Ray Traynor and it is being produced b Joe Jewell. It sounds really good and I hope you all like it and you will vote for it when it’s on the Late Late Show on 28th February 2014. As soon as I get clearance I will post a link to it.

I brought my son Jake into the Olympia Theatre last week to see Kodaline. They were fantastic! We even got backstage to watch the gig where we met Philip Magee who was recording the gig for them. He recorded our live album “30” in the same venue. Maybe they are releasing a live album as well? I noticed that the drummer had a new drum kit. It is the same make as Alan’s new kit! I have to say it sounded MEGA!

As its December, diagnosis I can now wish you all a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS! It’s very strange not doing Vicar Street this year as it really makes Christmas for a lot of people but don’t worry. Hopefully 2014 will see us back gigging!

Our new app is nearly ready to go! It really is great and it means you are in directcontact with Aslan 24/7.

Don’t forget to sign up for it on our website HERE.

Thanks again for your support with the new live album and when you get it, please turn it up LOUD!!
Cheers, Billy 😉

4 thoughts on “Billy’s Blog – Monday, 2nd December ’13

  1. Can’t wait for the new live album and to see you live again in 2014!!! Hope to see you in Norbert’s Paddock Club again, and at other places round the world! Wish you Boyz all the best! Thank you Billy for your “blogs”!

  2. Thanks for the up date billy..still waiting on my CD from the post man AW sure
    It will be worth the wait..I really enjoyed that night at the
    Olympia and my daughter enjoyed. Meeting Jake HAHS
    Great to see Christy up and about

  3. Thanks for the update and the hint you might be touring again in 2014.
    The Album is great! Good selection of Songs!
    Played it LOUD and it felt Luke being there…

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