Billy’s Blog – Friday, 27th March ’15

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As you know, viagra dosage we have decided to cancel all future gigs as Christy needs time to fully recover from his cancer. This decision was taken after he ended up back in hospital two weeks ago. He just needs to take it easy until he is fully recovered and 100% fit.

We would like to thank all the promoters who fully understood what was going on and our agent Mark Downing who sorted everything for us and also all of you who did not complain about the cancelled gigs. Christy is at home now taking it easy and sends his thanks to you for all the messages of support on our Facebook page.

We attended our good friend Tony Fenton’s funeral last week. I have to say the Priest who was a good friend of Tony’s made it one of the best funerals I have ever attended. U2 performed at it along with The Dublin Gospel Choir and Tony’s good friend Paul Harrington. Tony would have got a great buzz out of having Bono and the boys there. He was very good to us all throughout the years and always got the first play of any new single we were bringing out. U2 had Dave Fanning, sale we had Tony Fenton, R.I.P. The last time we partied with Tony was on Inishboffin Island. We were on the ferry across when my phone rang. It was Tony Fenton. “Where are you guys?” he said. I replied “Tony, we are on a ferry to do a gig on Inishboffin island!” There was a pause then Tony says “Look up at the harbour wall” and there he was on a bike waving at us! He knew we were playing and came across to see us. What a weekend we had. He also had us playing on the roof of Today FM for the launch of “Nudie Books and Frenchies” the day it went to No 1.

Another very good friend of the band, the journalist George Burn is in hospital as he had a stroke. We are sending our prayers to him and his family and hope he makes a full recovery.

Rod has decided to run the marathon again for his nephew’s charity and is in training at the moment. We will post on our Facebook page where you can sponsor him later.

Thanks again for all your support and we will see you all again soon.

Cheers Billy 😉

P.S. My son Jake’s band are playing with Ryan Sheridan at the Flame festival in Bettystown on Easter Sunday . They are called The Valves and are very good. Check out their Facebook page! I can’t wait to see them and I’m looking forward to having a pint with Ryan after the gig!

3 thoughts on “Billy’s Blog – Friday, 27th March ’15

  1. All the best Christy… A party in the shape of a great Aslan gig will be had when our man is in fighting form.Will check out The Valves and respect to your friend Tony and well wishes to your buddy George.Love and support from Glasgow 😉

  2. Thinking of Christy,Just hoping his health improves its a hard fight ,missing the Aslan concerts so much!
    Its a difficut time for you all.
    Love and support for a fantastic band !

  3. Thinking about you and yours Christy. Your music and your spirit have helped me more than you will ever know. I hope my prayers can help you now.

    Let’s all send a kind thought to one of the finest men in Ireland.

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