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Hi Gang!

Very sorry for the delay in posting a blog but the news about Christy’s cancer really knocked me back. Anyway, troche I would like to thank everyone who sent in goodwill messages on our Facebook and into Christy. It really meant a lot to all of us in the band to know that there was so many people urging Christy to get better. It’s great that he’s at home now continuing his treatment and trust me, sick he will be back on stage with us before long!

We were blown away that “A Night for Christy” sold out so fast! We know that there is a lot of you that wanted to go but cannot get tickets so we are looking into streaming the gig live from the Olympia on the internet. I will let you know the details about this closer to the gig!

I cannot wait to rehearse with the guests! We have Loudroom Facilities rehearsal rooms booked and it’s going to be great seeing what Aslan songs the singers pick! BRING IT ON!!

Thank you all for supporting the single “Catch your Fall” for Pieta House. You never let us down. I will try to get Sheena to post the official Video on our website as a lot of you want to see it after it was featured on the Saturday Night Show when we performed it.

We hope you like the digitally re-mastered albums. It’s great that “Here Comes Lucy Jones” is now available to download. Enjoy!

There are a few more acts to be announced for the gig. Just yesterday The Original Rudeboys and our old friend Rob from Alabama 3 were added. I still think back to the time they joined us on stage in Vicar Street for a 20 minute version on “Woke Up This Morning”. It was fantastic!!

Well, mind that’s all for now chums. Tune in next week for some more ‘lan news!

Cheers, Billy 😉

Watch Catch your Fall Official Video!

11 thoughts on “Billy’s Blog – Friday, 24th May ’13

  1. im praying for the speedy recovery of Christy xx the sooner you guys are back together the better x get well soon Christy love to u all x

  2. That is fantastic news about Christy in fact bloody greatnews all round!
    Could`t get tickets for the Christy night but if its streamed at least we can see what ya get up ta, (on stage ) 😉
    €5 `r with ya that A3 play Crazy world.

  3. Glad Christy is doing & fair play to all you lad’s, you are all doing a great job holding it together, I can not wait how for the 21th June, Hugs to all & keep up the great work

  4. Well done Billy on your Blog it’s great keep it up 🙂

    Here’s hopping the gig will be BRILLIANT as usual, I really HOPE it will go up on internet never got tickets for a night for Christy! sold out before I got paid lol, Awh sure maybe God might magic just one for me lol, Great to hear Christy is on the mend 🙂 , take care one and all of each other Siobhan

  5. Roll on 21’st 🙂

    And remember Billy – IF you need a photographer for some pix from rehearsal i’ll do it 🙂
    Im only 5 mins away …


  6. Hey Billy, great blog. Was so happy to hear about a night for christy being announced. Tickets in hand and cant wait for the night. Gonna be amazing. Was great to chat to you again after the saturday night show. Wonderful performance and you spoke so well about pieta house. Well done! Regards to christy and the lads!!!

  7. How yeh lads
    Had simular news about a year ago lung cancer (non cureable) freaked me out
    locked my self away for months only for some good friends you know the ones, the ones who dident disapear

    My life came to visit once again
    To tell me it was over
    To tell me it must end
    Over taking by surprise I realise A new begining
    So like the phonix from the ashes Iwill rise.
    Not forgeting my demise, a new begining god willing
    Palmer,Waffler Palmer
    Right lads next gig Christy up front let me know when

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