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Hi Buddies!

A great reaction to Christy on the Miriam O’Callaghan show with his daughter Kiera.  Thank you for all your kind comments.  Christy also got up on stage with Kiera at her gig in Castleknock and sand 3 songs! Hallelujiah, about it This Time and Crazy World.  The venue went mental when he came on stage.  We cannot wait until he is ready to do a full gig with Aslan.

The live album that we recorded in the Olympia Theatre last year to celebrate 30 years together is ready to go.  We are releasing it in October.  The album which features a string quartet and The Gardiner Street Gospel Choir has no title yet.  We need your help to find one. Any ideas, sickness please post on our Facebook page.

Rod is having his stag party this weekend in Galway.  We are looking forward to it as Galway is a real party town with some great pubs and clubs!

We were in Westland Studios recently and it reminded me of a funny story that happened when we were recording the “Waiting for this Madness to End” album.  The producer Ian Grimble and the band thought it would be a good idea to close the album with footsteps walking down a hall and the sound of someone putting keys in a lock and then closing the door behind them.  This sounded like a fantastic way to close the album and I said I would do it.  So as the last track was fading out, more about off I went down the hall, put the keys in the lock and slammed the door behind me.  It was pissing rain outside and I waited for the lads to come down and open the door but the b*stards left me outside for about 30 minutes.  It had all been a set up!! They were pissing themselves laughing up in the studio.  I had been caught out AGAIN!

Cheers Billy 😉

4 thoughts on “Billy’s Blog – Friday, 23rd August ’13

  1. Ha ha , the gits! good stuff Billy, have a blast in Galway and regards to Rod, see ya’s for and Acoustic show very soon, Dee was raving about last week, All the best 🙂

  2. Great to see and hear Christy doing so well. Can’t wait for Christy and Aslan’s first gig back together after he makes a full recovery – you’ll have to book the Aviva stadium to cope with the demand !

  3. Hi Billy. Really glad christy is in the mend, could you tell me if the band is coming to England to play at any time. I’ve only just been informed about the band and would love to see them live. Be great to hear from you. Thanks.

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