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Well, web I want to thank you all for coming to the INEC, medical Killarney last Saturday night! It was great to meet people from Cork, website like this Limerick, and Waterford etc who all travelled to see us! Thank you all so much. You are the best!

A special thanks to all who travelled from outside Ireland also, especially John and Martina from the UK. I have just seen on Facebook you guys are coming to the Olympia! Hope you all enjoyed the sing song in the bar after the gig and I’m looking forward to meeting you all after the Olympia gig!

We got a call asking us would we like to go on the Imelda May show which will be broadcast in September. We are recording it in 2 weeks time and we are going to do something really special on it. I will let you all know when it is being aired. I cannot wait to meet Imelda! She is flying high and deserves every success that comes her way.

As you now know, we are back in the Olympia theatre on Saturday, 20th September and we have Red Empire supporting us again as they were great in Killarney! So make sure to come early and check them out.  For anyone who hasn’t gotten tickets yet for the Olympia, they’re on sale now on Ticketmaster.  CLICK HERE!

We are working on getting some gigs down the country so keep checking in with us. It is wonderful that Christy is getting stronger and more gigs are definitely on the cards.

Can I just send best wishes to the Corona’s on getting a record deal with Island records. Well done Danny and the boys! Check out Danny singing “Hurt Sometimes” on YouTube at the Night for Christy gig!

See you all down the road

Cheers, Billy 😉

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  1. Great to see you all again on Saturday Billy and a great gig. Sorry we couldn’t hang around as long as we would have liked. But we’ll be back in Dublin in September and we’ll certainly make the most of it ! Can’t wait ! Much love, John & Martina x

  2. What a wonderful night we all had in the INEC. Our first trip down there but with Aslan playing we couldnt say no! Lovely to have a chat with you Billy and the rest of the lads including Svenn. You are all gents! I also gotta say how impressed we were with Red Empire both musically and personally! Cant wait for the Olympia gig now. Really looking forward to more gigs also. You name the place & we’ll be there.

    Ps Billy I made some room for you on the camera so I hope you enjoy my pics!

  3. Hey Billy and guys. What a wonderful evening we had in the INEC. Was fantastic to see you guys back on the road again. You were sounding better than ever! Was great to see Red Empire too. Lovely guys and they put on a great show. Thanks to you all and Svenn for a brilliant night. Roll on the Olympia gig! Would be great to see some shows around the country too. Name the date and we’ll be there.

    Ps Billy I made some space on the memory card so I hope you like the pics!

  4. Brillient night down in kilarney, all 5am of it after billy got the sing song going in the green room bar. Christy was looking and sounding great.
    Hooked up with four friends down there for gig, they were overwhelmed with the whole thing.
    Thanks for making it a night to remember.

    See ye in the Olympia for sure.

    Marie & Damien aka (Maro & Damo)

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